An invitation to nourish your creativity, rekindle your making-mojo and reconnect with your inner artist over
5 art-filled days

Ekta Kaul

Artist and Founder of Soothing Stitch Circle

What is it?

An invitation to go on a journey with me to nourish your creativity. If you are feeling unsure of how to find the path to joyful creativity or have lost that path as life took over, join me on this 5-day voyage, designed to help you reconnect with your creative self.


The journey is also a taster experience for my membership SOOTHING STITCH CIRCLE -  so you  if it the right fit for you can decide if it is the right fit for you. 


Through simple mindful stitch practices, you will be invited to explore self-awareness, self inquiry and self-compassion, paying attention to that which fills you up.



Together, we will travel this creative journey towards finding a more joyful and creative you. 

Who is it for?

Are you feeling any of this?


-  Overwhelmed by current turbulent times & feeling a deep need for creativity, connection & mindfulness

-  Seeking connection with like minded kindreds but not sure how

-  Burdened by the need to make 'perfect' stitches everytime you pick your needle

-  Battling your inner critic and perfectionism 

-  Struggling to find time for creativity

-  Unsure how your to take your creativity to the next level 

- Curious to find where your inner creativity wants to lead you

  • If you are, then this is for you! This is a journey towards finding your mojo through being immersed in playful exploration without judgement, experimenting in a safe space and supported by a warm community.



You could be a complete beginner in stitch or a seasoned artist looking to recalibrate.

This 5-day guided experience will enable you to reconnect with your inner artist, explore artful stitch practice as a transformative habit that puts fearless creative play at the centre, leading you to joy and fulfilment.

This is for anyone who's looking to rekindle their creativity, find more time for play and mindfulness and a connection with kindred folk.

About Ekta Kaul


Ekta Kaul is a London-based textile artist known for her narrative maps that explore places, history and belonging through stitch. She works on public and private commissions and her work is held in several permanent collections including at the Crafts Council (UK), Liberty of London, the Gunnersbury Museum and those of private collectors. Ekta is a highly experienced educator and regularly teaches at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London as well as internationally. She has received awards from the Crafts Council and the Arts Council England and was the winner of 2021 Cockpit Arts Textile Prize. 

How does it work?

We will explore a series of creative prompts together over five art-filled days, each designed to ignite your creative spark and enable you to tune into what lights you up.


We will gather online for The Artful Stitch at 7 pm BST (British Summer Time) daily between Oct 3-7, 2022.


You will receive a daily prompt in an email along with a link to join me live on a private Facebook group, where we will explore our daily prompts through mark making and stitches. The sessions will also be simulcast on a private YouTube channel.


You can join from anywhere in the world, all curious beings with or without creative experience are welcome in this space.


Links and details will be shared exclusively with those who enroll. If you miss a day, you will be able to catch up with the session recordings.


You will have access to the session recordings and Facebook group till Tuesday October 11th.

What people are saying

“The Artful Stitch Journey provided a much needed and welcome creative outlet with the added bonus of meditation... Thank you Ekta for your wonderful Journey and all of you for sharing in it.”

Julia ScannellJulia Scannell

“Thank you for giving me a new positive focus during these troubled times.”

Anne FoyAnne Foy

“This class has taught me I do not need a pattern, just a sketchbook and to keep asking "what if". Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and to Ekta for your gentle guidance and inspiration.”

Becky RhoadsBecky Rhoads

“ I took this workshop in March and it honestly changed my life. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Claire Voelkel-SedlmeirClaire Voelkel-Sedlmeir

“I’m loving the opportunity to use stitch as a form of meditation, no pattern, no expectation just working intuitively and seeing what happens. Thank you, Ekta”

Helen RoundHelen Round

“This past week has been so wonderful! Thank you Ekta for making this happen. You are wonderful mentor! ”

Shelley Reisman PaineShelley Reisman Paine

See some of the art that our participantants created

"I have been refreshed and stimulated by all the creativity. This is just what I needed."

- Lizzy Martin

What will we explore together? 

Finding, rekindling and nourishing your creative intuition.

Mon Oct 3 - Fri Oct 7


We will spend time connecting with your inner creative voice, learning to trust it and nurture it. We will make our way to charting a course towards the horizon of fearless expression of yourself. Each day we will journey towards your creative horizon, tuning into to what your soul knows already - your inner compass.

What will you take away?

Injection of new energy + inspiration

By immersing you in judgement-free explorations, this experience will set you up for making richer, more nuanced work 

A new way of looking at Stitches 

Your will learn to use stitches to express your ideas and evoke feelings 

Your very own original work of art

Easy to follow steps that you will learn here will lead you to making your original work of art. 

A deeper connection with your creative voice

By taking a deeper dive into what YOU find joyful, you will forge a stronger connection with your work. 


Enrolment for Artful Stitch Journey is open till 8 am BST (British Summer Time) on Oct 3rd 2022


(USD - $17 & EUR €17 approx)

    Enrolment closes in 


    Enrolment for Artful Stitch Journey has now ended.

    Doors for the Soothing Stitch Circle membership are now open! 



    When is The Artful Stitch Journey taking place?Monday October 3rd to Friday October 7th, 2022. We will meet each day online at 7pm BST (British Summer Time) for about an hour, live in our private group.

    Times in US and Europe

    7 pm BST
    2 pm US Eastern 
    11 am US Pacific
    12 pm US MST
    8 pm CET

    Please check your local time here.

    What materials will I need?I encourage you to use what you already have available with you. You will need the following

    - Threads- any type of thread you have available - cotton floss, sewing thread, perle.
    - Fabric- Cotton or linen in plain solid colour- 10x10 “ or larger. preferably natural, white or cream. Some colourful scraps. You can repurpose old or discarded items too.
    - A pair of scissors
    - An embroidery hoop
    - Needle threader (optional)
    - Ink erasable pen (optional)
    - Some basic art material slike pencils/pens/markers in varying thicknesses, paints or crayons,
    - Sketchbook to draw on

    I am not on Facebook, can I still join?Yes, you certainly can. The video calls will be simulcast on both Facebook and YouTube.

    Also, the recordings will be available to watch on both Facebook and YouTube till October 11th.

    All resources and guides provided on the Facebook group will also be shared over email prior to the calls.

    What happens if I can't join live?We've got you covered. We will record all the session. You can catch up if you miss a day. You will have access to all replays till October 11th.

    But full disclosure: there will be things we will share only during live sessions. So if you can move things around and clear up that hour for us to be together, thats the best way of gleaning all the goodness on offer.

    What if I miss a session?No worries! The recordings of the sessions will be available till October 11th.

    I am a complete beginner, is this for me?Yes! Absolutely! The only thing you need is your curiosity. I will demonstrate all techniques in easy-to-follow along steps, you will have a supportive community to lean into and I will be there to answer all your questions.

    I am experienced, is this for me?When you begin to feel like you have been making work on autopilot, it's time to pause and reflect how to bring back new energy into your work. These 5 days are the opportunity to press pause and reboot.

    I still have some questionsPlease send us an email at info@ektakaul.com