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Embark on an inspiring journey into your creativity with Soothing Stitch Circle, a unique online membership designed as a wellspring of creativity and mindful making for textile makers, dabblers, artists and enthusiasts. Led by me, Ekta Kaul, our space is dedicated to those who seek to develop  confidence in their own creative voice, deepen their textile practice and nourish their wellbeing through creativity.

Soothing Stitch Circle is the place where you will find powerful ways to nourish yourself through textile making, within a tight community of people at all levels of creative experience who are cheering each other on. 

What is the Soothing Stitch Circle ?

Soothing Stitch Circle is a inspiring online membership programme for those who seek to develop confidence in their creative voice, learn and refine textile skills and nourish their wellbeing through creativity.


Did you know that twenty minutes of a creative actity like doodling can profoundly impact our mental and physical state for the better? Creativity is more than just an outlet; it's a vital tool for navigating whatever life throws at us, for finding equanimity and calm and for creating a space where we can be who we truly are.


Unlock Your Creative Potential : You already are CREATIVE. I believe it is the essence of being human. What this membership gives you the space and time for chiselling your innate voice, learning new skills, gentle handholding and embracing play as a key to transforming your work. This program will empower you to find and trust your unique creative voice, elevating your textile work into authentic self-expression.


Well-Being Through Stitching : Cultivate a consistent stitch practice not just as an art form, but as a therapeutic practice that calms the mind and nourishes the soul.


You are not doing this alone : Whether you are fed up of doing it alone or you are ready to commit to your creative practice, doing it with others gets your there quicker and is so much more fun. Join our friendly bunch where everyone is on this creative adventure, just like you. We are a group that believes in active sharing, learning, and growing together. There is no criticism or cliques here – just a group of folks from all corners of the world at all levels of experience rooting for each other every step of the way.


How does it work : The program includes tutorials, group coaching, demonstrations and a clear 4 stage pathway to get you from a dabbler to a master. This is not a course with a beginning or end. It's ongoing support. 


Since founding the Soothing Stitch Circle in the summer of 2021, I have helped hundreds of creative explorers just like you. If you feel this is the right place for you, I look forward to welcoming you in!


- Ekta x




Whether you want to find : 

-creative fulfilment

-healing and mindfulness

-master textile making skills

-make beautiful textiles to share with loved ones or professionally

or all of it!


you are in the right place

Soothing Stitch Circle will enable you to find and trust your creative voice, connect with a global community of supportive peers and to cultivate a consistent practice so you can fill your cup with joy and fulfilment.


Hi there! I'm Ekta Kaul



I am a full-time artist and I live in leafy West London, England. I create narrative maps that explore place, history and belonging, working with fiber and paint. 


Coming from a family of academics in India, where science and scholarship was the norm, I broke the mould when I decided to follow a career in the creative arts. My quest took me thousands of miles away from my home in India and from everything I was familiar with, all the way to the UK. Following your passion is the best investment and is so worthwhile!  I've built a thriving art career over the last 15 years. Today,  my works are exhibited and collected internationally. Many are held in promiment public and private collections across the UK including the Museum of London, Crafts Council London, Liberty of London, the Gunnersbury Museum, Tatter Blue Library (USA). I've had to honour of being invited to speak at the British Parliament, teach at institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge as well as internationally. I've received awards from the Crafts Council and was the winner of 2021 Cockpit Arts Textile Prize. My works have been featured in Financial Times, BBC Radio 4, Vogue, Selvedge and Embroidery Magazine among others. 


All this to say, everything is possible. We only need to commit to chasing our dreams. 


So why learn from me? Well, I’ve been in your shoes.  I know what it feels like to step out of the comfort zone and paint your own path. After spending years learning everything from scratch, mostly on my own, I know that finding the right information curated by an expert can save years (yes years!) Plus having a supportive community of like minded people around us can make all the difference in our creative journey feeling like a joyful ride, instead of a slow, lonely slog. 


I've built the membership on these two principles- information and a fantastic supportive community.

I know this membership works. We have helped hundreds of people, just like you. I'd love to help you too. 


Ekta x


If you are ready to invest in yourself and show up for your creativity, I'd love to welcome you in!

What do you get in the membership?

Bespoke online hub

Dedicated online membership hub packed with content to help you develop confidence in your creative voice and uplevel your art.

Instant access to content library

Get instant access to treasure trove of searchable and transcribed video content covering techniques, demonstrations and creative prompts 

Creative Journey Guide

A 4 stage creative journey guide to identify where you are at and map out what you need to do next to progress on your creative journey

Live weekly coaching calls

Group mentoring to upleavel your skills, isnpire your creativity and support your creative journey. 

New Monthly creative prompts

A proven framework to develop your artistic style.  New content every month!

A Private Global Community

A safe place to connect, share and be inspired by your BIG hearted fellow members 

Searchable content

We use an incredible platform where you can search any keyword and instantly find every video where that word is mentioned – a revolutionary tool for learning! Additionally, all our lessons come with closed captioning and complete transcripts for enhanced accessibility and ease of use. 

Member Spotlights

Bonus talks with fellow members who will share their creative journey and insights with you.

Collaborative Projects with members

A unique opportunity to work with fellow creatives on collaborative projects.

Brainstorming sessions with peers

Connect, brainstorm and be inspired

Creative Reviews

Regular reviews with me packed with supportive feedback and pro tips.

Risk Free Investment

This membership comes with a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring 100% satisfaction. If you decide within the first two weeks that the membership isn't right for you, we will refund yoru full payment.

Some of our Member Highlights in last 12 months include

Confidence boost in pursuing own creative style

Feeling inspired and connected

Collaborative art created by members working together

Invited to give a talk at local textile group

Increased confidence in sharing work with the world

New direction in work, using stitch techniques learnt here

Improved mental health through mindful making 

Work accepted at an exhibition for the first time

Owning the title 'artist' for the first time ever!

This is for you if

  • You are committed to deepening your practice and developing your own creative voice.
  • You have some experience in making textiles, you are not a complete beginner.
  • You are ready to invest time and energy into building your creative practice, whether it is a personal or a professional one
  • You take responsibility for your own learning and development
  • Believe in the power of Hive mind and support of the group
  • You understand that creative development takes time
  • You are comfortable with the idea of learning at your own pace

This is NOT for you if

  • You have no time to invest in yourself
  • You are only just starting to get familiar with textiles. (You will need some experience to get the most out of this membership).

  • Creativity is not a priority for you in this season of life and you have no time to show up for the work
  • You are looking for bespoke training tailored to your own pratice, one to one inputs. ( Email me at info@ektakaul.com for 1:1 consultancy)
  • You'd rather go it alone
  • You are looking for shortcuts to overnight success or immediate ROI
  • You feel uncomfortable with self paced learning


"First, the affirmation from Ekta and our group is incredible! Second, based on this affirmation, I feel more able and willing to take creative risks in my work. Third, Ekta is giving me the tools to build my knowledge and confidence as an artist. The clarity of instruction and general excellent flow of our weekly gatherings has been great."

Liz Anne PlattLiz Anne Platt

"One of the loveliest parts of my life right now is participating in Ekta Kaul's Soothing Stitch Circle. The Circle supports members who are exploring their creativity through stitches. Ekta, who is the loveliest of humans, shares information about design and color--it's like a mini art school class every time. She also teaches new embroidery stitches. It's low pressure, high result. I highly recommend this lovely journey!"

Beverly Army WiliiamsBeverly Army Wiliiams

“I am so pleased to have joined our Stitch Circle. It is just what I need to keep myself motivated. I'm not great at making time for myself to explore creative skills but now that I am sewing regularly I find it quite addictive. I've never explored stitches in this way and its such fun!”

Jackie JenningsJackie Jennings

"Being part of the Stitch Circle has been rewarding in so many ways - new ideas, new friends and space to be creative. I'm usually woking on projects to get them finished (always patterns and kits) but with Ekta's guidance and encouragement, taking time to explore and even struggle with ideas and how to bring them to life has been incredibly impactful. Just finished my first ever stitched project that I created - feels amazing!"

Laurel ThomsonLaurel Thomson

“I love Ekta's friendliness and approachability, the amount of thought and organization she puts into every session, the mix of stitches clearly explained, and being part of a supportive group”

Sue JohnstonSue Johnston


I am an experienced creative/ maker/artist/stitcher. Is this for me?Soothing Stitch Circle has members at all stages of the creative journey, at all levels of experience including members who have been making textiles their whole lives as well as those who have started making recently. You are supported and encouraged whichever stage you are at.

Is this for beginners?Not if you have never picked a needle! To make the most of the membership, you need to have some experience with making. Most of our members have some experience with textiles.

Can I cancel anytime?Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Just give us 7 days notice before your renewal date. Note, there are no refunds on annual membership if you choose to leave before the year is up.

Why is there a joining fee?Think of the joining fee as your all-access pass to ALL of the content. With one fee, you unlock immediate, full access to a wealth of resources developed over years. Our content library, continuously expanding with weekly lessons, detailed stitch techniques, artist interviews and workshops, is instantly available in our bespoke hub the moment you join.

We keep our pricing affordable: £39 monthly or £390 annually, the latter saving you two months' fees. When you join now, you secure your subscription rate for as long as you remain a member. You can cancel at any time, ensuring that you're always in control.

Choose the annual option? It renews at £390, and we'll send reminders to ensure no surprises.

Can I join the membership anytime?I like to focus on looking after our members and doubling down in helping their creative development. So we only open enrolment to the membership once or twice a year. The rest of the time, we are closed.

When and where do the calls take place?You can join calls via Zoom. The calls are offered live weekly on Wednesdays usually 7pm UK time and recorded on the hub as well as on our private Facebook group.

What if I can't join live?No problem!  We have got you covered. The calls are recorded and accessible through the hub or through the Facebook group. Many members watch the lessons on replay because of time zone differences or other commitments.

I am not on Facebook. Can I still join?That's fine. You will still have access to the recordings on the hub along with all the resources. The Facebook group is primary used a community resource for members to share and discuss.

Will I get individual attention?This is a group membership. You have the hive mind of the group to lean into and that is part of our Circle's strength. Work reviews and our FB group offer a great way for you to post your questions and receive feedback.

If you need individual sessions, members receive a special discount for 1 on 1 creative coaching.

What time are the live calls?Our weekly live calls are usually at 7 pm UK. However, in order to accomodate different time zones we do offer calls at other times too. All calls are recorded and are available to watch anytime.

Prices are in British Pounds Sterling. Is this membership only for UK based people?Not at all! Ours is a very international group, with members from all over the world including the US, UK, Europe and South Africa. Prices are in GBP as we are based in London, UK.

I still have questions.Please email us at info@ektakaul.com

"I finally found my people " - Raquel Calado

The Investment

Annual Membership (Best Value £765)

Regular Price £468

£390 . 00

per year

plus £375 one-time joining fee

-Immediate access to membership hub with full set of lessons
-Weekly live calls
-Demos of over 50 stitch techniques 
-Thriving creative community on a private Facebook group
-Access for a whole year
-12 months for the price of 10

- 14 day money back guarantee

    Monthly Membership (Join for Less)

    £39 . 00

    per month

    plus £375 one-time joining fee

    -Immediate access to membership hub with full set of lessons
    -Weekly live calls
    -Demos of over 50 stitch techniques 
    -Thriving creative community on a private Facebook group
    -Monthly payment
    -Cancel anytime

    -14 day money back guarantee

      Thank you for your interest. Doors for Soothing Stitch Circle are now closed. Please join the waiting list here.

      Doors to the membership are open just for a few days till Tuesday, Feb 13th at 23:59 US PDT (Wednesday, Feb 14th at 8 am GMT) 

      Our Money Back Guarantee

      Not sure if this is right for you? Don't worry we've got you covered!

      We will give you the full refund of your payment within the first 14 days of paying if you are not happy.