Gunnersbury Park Museum Commission ‘PORTRAIT OF PLACE’

Places of significance were embroidered on the map

Portrait of Place is the outcome of a 10-week long participatory art project conceived and led by Textile Artist Ekta Kaul, commissioned by Gunnersbury Park Museum. It celebrates the diverse local community in the area through the medium of a stitched map marked with places that are personally and collectively significant to community members.

The map has been co-created in collaboration with members of two community groups in the area, namely Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women’s group in Ealing and Heston Big Local in Hounslow. Each week participants were introduced to stimulating elements aimed at developing their creative confidence and skills. For instance, seeking inspiration in nature and local architecture, eco-printing, patchwork, drawing and embroidering personal responses.

To express the idea of diversity and a sense of place, Ekta looked at the Museum’s Park itself for inspiration. Just as non-native plants imported hundreds of years ago co-exist with native ones and make Gunnersbury a vibrant park. Similarly people from all over the world have come and made this West London neighbourhood their home, some recently and others centuries ago, all coexisting, making it a richly diverse community. Therefore marking the map with the Park’s diverse foliage seemed an appropriate choice. The participants foraged leaves from the abundant trees, shrubs and the meadow at the Park and eco-printed fabric lengths which later became borders of the map. They also chose iconic and personally significant buildings, streets and gardens to embroider, patch and stitch on the map.

Many hands, heads and hearts came together to make this Portrait of Place including young people, women, seniors with generous support from the Museum. Beyond the visible outcome of the project, there is a rich hidden legacy- the many new friendships that flourished, new skills that were learnt, barriers that were broken as direct result of this project. As a participant happily remarked, “We’re all unique and this project brought us together as one. This project is an inspiration and encouragement.” We hope that the legacy of the project will continue inspire many for years to come.

Lead Artist                                      | Ekta Kaul

Commissioned and Managed By | Gunnersbury Park Museum

Community Groups                       | Deaf & Hard of Hearing Women’s Group Ealing, HestonWest CP, Hounslow