Watermans Interactive Public Art Commission ‘Wishing Tree’

Waterman Commission Creative People and Places Wishing Tree by Ekta Kaul
Ekta Kaul- Public Arts Commission 1
Ekta Kaul- Public Arts Commission 1

Interactive Public Art Commission, Creative People and Place, Waterman | May 2019

Ekta Created a Wish tree interactive installation using reclaimed fabric sourced locally in Hounslow, eco-printed with locally foraged plants and flowers. This was installed on Hounslow High Street and later at the Hounslow Library May – Aug 2019. Community members were invited to write wishes for family, friends or the community on the cloth leaves and attach them to the wishing tree with a simple string.


The tradition of tying a piece of fabric or thread around a tree to make a wish is popular in many cultures. In India, threads are tied around Banyan trees to make a wish for a family member or friends. In China and Japan, ribbons are tied on trees when making a wish. Inspired by these Eastern traditions, Ekta created the wishing tree sculpture with a structure made of 4 bamboo poles wound with natural dyed threads. Leaves were made in cloth and patterned with subtle prints of plants found in the area, imbuing the sculpture with a spirit of place.


On the day of the installation nearly 300 positive messages from members of public  were written on the leaves in a matter of just 4 hours. The installation travelled to Hounslow Art Centre and Hounslow Library later.